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It’s nearly time for National Pet Month (April 1-May 10) and with many of us on lockdown, we’re asking you to stay home, stay safe and get online for our nation’s pets.

It’s nearly time for National Pet Month (April 1-May 10) and with many of us on lockdown, we’re asking you to stay home, stay safe and get online for our nation’s pets.

Please join us in our #NPMonline challenge and find creative ways to use the online world to raise funds for pet charities and rescue centers.

In any other year, right now we’d be asking you to stage or attend events celebrating our life with our pets, spreading the word on their care and raising funds for National Pet Month, or your favourite local pet charity or rescue.

Supporting UK pet carers and rescuers is at the heart of what we do, and 2020 is no different in that regard.

However, with Government guidelines advising us to work from home where possible, self-isolate where necessary and avoid public gatherings or places, we need to think differently.

We’re asking you to take to social media and use these online platforms to set up mini fundraisers for NPM and other UK pet charities and rescues between April 1 and May 10 – our campaign month.

With many of us spending more time at home, what better way to make us feel like we’re making a difference to the lives of our pets?

Having something to focus on in these challenging times can be extremely rewarding and great for our mental health.

So, here’s how you can help.

 1 - Start following National Pet Month here:




Instagram - @nationalpetmonth

2 - Think about the UK pet charities and rescues you’d like to support during National Pet Month and start following them on social. Tag them and us with the hashtag #NPMOnline and tell us why and how you want to support them. Let’s share our ideas and get the nation fundraising.

3 - Use online social tools on Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta and Twitter to organise your own online pet event and tell us about it so we can share, enabling you to raise funds.

4 - Message your local veterinary practice or pet store and get them involved in online pet advice sessions or fundraisers too.

5 - Got any bored children at home? Encourage them to organise an NPM Social Fundraiser. Even a tenner can make a difference.

Remember, we live in a social media-rich world so let’s take advantage of this technology and run events from the comfort of our own homes.

You could:

  • Host a virtual pet party via Zoom: meet virtually with your pets and enjoy a virtual cuppa together, for a small donation to your chosen charity.
  • Set up a group Netflix marathon, watching all your favourite pet movies via
  • Set up an online auction featuring pet-related products and services
  • Take part in a 24-hour charity pet-themed Tweetathon, where people sponsor you to keep tweeting day and night
  • Contact your favourite local pet charity or rescue center, find out what would most help them right now, then set up a JustGiving page and encourage your online community to donate
  • Organise an online event offering valuable advice from pet professionals – a great one for veterinary practices or other pet businesses
  • Create digital images of people’s pets and send them online, for a donation towards your chosen charity.

Please remember that National Pet Month is also a charity, dedicated to supporting UK pet charities AND educating our nation on the importance of responsible pet care. So, we would welcome anyone raising much needed funds for us too.

These are unprecedented times, which call for unprecedented action. So, please help us help others this #NationalPetMonth #NPMOnline

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For media information, images or to speak to a spokesperson about National Pet Month please contact Taz Thornton or Asha Clearwater at Turquoise Tiger on +44 (0)7920 461 044 or email

Please note we have access to a range of spokespeople via our coordinators, sponsors and most animal welfare organisations and charities who get involved with NPM.

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