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Pet Pawsitivity: Jill and Bentley’s Story

“No matter how you are feeling, when you look into his eyes, see his wagging tail and hear his shrill bark, he grounds you in the here and now.”

New Owners In Pandemic Times: Preparing Your Dog For Change

As we begin to come out of lockdown, we have put together some top tips from animal health experts to help you care for your new arrivals and help dogs adjust to changes when many of us go back to work.

Pet Pawsitivity: Ben and Ginger’s Story

The positive impact of having Ginger in their lives during the pandemic, has been clear.

New Owners In Pandemic Times and Preparing Your Pet For Change: Cat Advice

Tips from Sarah Tapsell, RSPCA Clinical Animal Behaviourist on helping cats to adjust when we head back to work.


What to expect this #NPM2021

Pet Pawsitivity: Tanya, Sue, Alfie, Charley, Ellie and George’s Story

Tanya has noticed the positive effect pets also have on Mum, Sue, who struggles with health issues and isolation.

Top Tips from National Pet Month: Keeping Your Pet Cool During Warm Weather

Keeping Your Pet Cool During Warm Weather

Pet Pawsitivity: Martina and Luna’s Story

“Luna’s always taught me that you need to approach life with patience, flexibility and a laugh. What better time to do that than during a global pandemic?”

Pet Pawsitivity: Tyler and Rex's Story

Tyler describes his canine companion as a large source of joy in his life.

Pet Pawsitivity: Charlotte and Cooper’s Story

“I often talk about ‘being more Cooper’ when life can get a bit much. It helps me keep perspective,” says Charlotte Dixon about her dog who joined the family in 2020.

Pet Pawsitivity: Ben and Sprinkles’ Story

The next story in our #NPM2021 Pet Pawsitivity series.

Pet Pawsitivity: Beth and Chester's Story

Welcome to the first in a series of Pet Pawsitivity blogs to celebrate the positive impact pets have been having on our lives during lockdown.


A year of lockdowns has impacted us all in so many ways. But amidst all the uncertainty, our pets have been by our sides.

A Year of Change for National Pet Month

National Pet Month: 1st April - 3rd May 2021

World Spay Day

FEB 23: Today is World Spay Day, when UK animal charities join forces to help spread the message to owners to get their pets neutered.

Keep Small Pets Warm During Winter

Good friend of National Pet Month, the PDSA shares some toasty tips for keeping small pets warm during winter

Help support the outdoor birds during the challenging winter months

Get ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch 2021 and a useful bird-feeding checklist from PFMA!

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