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Pet Pawsitivity: Tyler and Rex's Story

Tyler describes his canine companion as a large source of joy in his life.

“He has kept me motivated in exercising daily and is a constant reminder that there is happiness in even the bad days,” says Tyler Ringwood-Hoare about his dog, Rex.

“Without him, I feel some days I wouldn’t even have got up.”

He adds: “I have benefitted massively from spending more time with Rex. His loyalty and friendship has certainly helped me keep positive throughout lockdowns.”

Tyler describes his canine companion as a large source of joy in his life. and explains: “He is never far away from where I am sitting, ensuring I never feel lonely or isolated. He’s a very cuddly and loving pup.


“His routine of walks, feeding, toilet etc has allowed me to stick to some form of normal routine.” 


Rex has also helped me stay fit and explore more, explains Tyler.


He adds: “Physically, it has pushed me to find new and more exciting walks to keep him stimulated, instead of the same routes. This has kept me physically fit and I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring new places. It brings me joy to see him so happy and excited.”


Rex’s antics are a regular source of amusement for Tyler who says: “Every day he makes me laugh. He’s always up to something, even when he is asleep; he sleeps in the weirdest positions and makes the strangest noises.


He adds: “He seems to have developed his own routine for patrolling the garden. Whenever he sees a squirrel in his ‘territory’, he struts around the garden with his head and tail up, looking very elegant.


“He has also developed a love for squeaky balls, which he will tirelessly run around the house squeaking.


“Ultimately, I just love watching him. He is a part of my family and his company is enough to make me smile,” he says.

#NationalPetMonth: April 1-May 3

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