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Pet Pawsitivity: Tanya, Sue, Alfie, Charley, Ellie and George’s Story

Tanya has noticed the positive effect pets also have on Mum, Sue, who struggles with health issues and isolation.

“Lockdown has been a real struggle mentally and our pets have made such a difference,” says Tanya.


“As her carer, I visit Mum daily and enjoy spending time with our two cats, Alfie and Charley, my brother's dog, Ellie and Mum's tortoise, George.


She adds: “I live alone and am not allowed pets in my property, and I find that my depression symptoms are often more noticeable without animals around me. I love spending time with them at Mum's house. As soon as I see them it cheers me up and their cuddles are so comforting.”


Tanya has noticed the positive effect pets also have on Mum, Sue, who struggles with health issues and isolation. 


She explains: “Our Labrador, Ellie, is such a comfort and eases Mum's distress and unhappiness. For me, they lift my spirits and ease anxiety symptoms which then has a positive effect on the physical ailments related to my mental health.”


Tanya says the pandemic has taught both her and her mum the importance of having pets around and the many benefits they bring.


“Having pet companions encourages me to be more active when I play with the dog or walk about carrying a cat! I've even faced some fears with the tortoise too. I wouldn't even touch him at first and now I love him!


She adds: “All pets have their own funny characters. Charley makes me laugh when she doesn't get out of bed then plays dead if nobody has fed her on time. Alfie has become very cuddly during lockdown and hangs around my neck like he's a koala. It's so cute.”


How has your pet helped you during lockdown?

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