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Pet Pawsitivity: Ben and Sprinkles’ Story

The next story in our #NPM2021 Pet Pawsitivity series.




“The house would feel very empty without her there,” says Ben Brown about his 6-year-old cat, Sprinkles.


“When she is hungry and we haven’t given her dinner yet, she has a mad episode to get our attention and is very naughty until we feed her,” he adds.


Ben has loved spending more time with his fabulous feline during lockdown and it’s taught him a lot about the positive impact she has had on his physical and mental health.


“We have enjoyed being able to give Sprinkles more affection, when she wants it, and I’ve loved the comfort of having her presence in the house while I’m working from home on my own.”


There’s been plenty of reasons to smile with this bundle of energy around.


Ben adds: “She is so inquisitive and wants to sit on my worktop/laptop/paper and to always be involved,” he explains. “She is so entertaining. I could play or sit and watch her for ages.”


We love Sprinkles and Ben’s Story. What about you?


How has your pet helped you through lockdown?


Share your story and pics with us.


#NationalPetMonth: April 1-May 3

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