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5 Simple Steps To Show You Care

People of Britain, your country needs you! Next Tuesday (April 1) marks the start of National Pet Month. Show you care and take 5 simple steps to help our nation's beloved pets.

Do you share your life with pets? Aren’t they amazing? They make us smile, they make us laugh, they show us unconditional love and when it’s time for them to leave us it can break our hearts.

Pets aren’t like their judgemental humans. They don’t care if we’re not looking our best, if we’re in a foul mood or if we’re lost for words.

With us through every step of life’s challenges, they leave an indelible mark on our lives and live on in our memories even when they’ve long crossed the rainbow bridge.

Next week is the launch of National Pet Month 2014.

From April 1 to May 5 we will be calling on Britain’s pet fans to help us promote responsible pet ownership and raise money for the UK’s incredible pet charities who work tirelessly for our animals – abandoned pets, sick pets, injured pets, pets in need of a loving home or just some TLC.

All of them need our help more than ever, and we think they deserve it. We hope you do too.

Here are five simple steps you can take today to help pets in need.

1. Sign up as a National Pet Month supporter at It’s free and only takes a minute.

2.  Check out our interactive UK map for NPM events happening near you and go along to support them. You’ll be helping to raise awareness and funds for UK pet charities. The map gets updated daily so keep checking back!

3.  Put on your own fundraising event during National Pet Month for your favourite UK pet charity. Register as a supporter and we’ll even send you a free events pack. Don’t forget to put details of your event on our website map!

4.  Ask your children’s school, play group or club what they are doing for National Pet Month and encourage them to get involved. Alternatively speak to your local veterinary practice, pet shop or church to see if they will stage a National Pet Month themed event.

5. Tell people about National Pet Month and join our growing social media sites on Twitter and on Facebook As our community grows it gives us a chance to spread the responsible pet ownership message further and helps all our fabulous UK pet charities raise more funds for their vital work.

Our pets are always there for us, now it's time to be there for them. 

National Pet Month – April 1 – May 5. Come on Britain, get involved!


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For media information, images or to speak to a spokesperson about National Pet Month please contact Taz Thornton or Asha Clearwater at Turquoise Tiger on +44 (0)7920 461 044 or email

Please note we have access to a range of spokespeople via our coordinators, sponsors and most animal welfare organisations and charities who get involved with NPM.

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