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Celebrate National Pet Month with Tesco Bank


Tesco Bank Pet Insurance is proud to support National Pet Month 2017. As well as raising the profile of National Pet Month, a number of pet roadshow events will take place in selected Tesco stores across the country during March and April. These roadshows will give people the chance to watch demonstrations from veterinary professionals on topics such as cleaning your pet's teeth, and grooming. You could also pick up a pet friendly goody bag and meet TV vet Marc Abraham at our Kensington and Edinburgh roadshows - see What's On Map to find a roadshow event near you.


Tesco Bank is committed to encouraging pet owners across the UK to celebrate their special relationship with their pet during National Pet Month. Get involved in celebrating National Pet Month with your pet by visiting the Toolkit section and downloading resources for your friends, family, workplace or school.

Discover some of the stories of real Tesco shoppers, sharing how they keep their pet happy and healthy.

Amanda and Myrtle

Meet Amanda and Myrtle (Myrtle’s on the right). Myrtle is a timid 'flat-cat' in a noisy part of the city, but Amanda has done what she can to make sure she always has a private, stress-free cubbyhole she can escape to. It’s in the airing cupboard, which means Myrtle is cosy, however the occasional towel does get covered in fur. As far as Amanda is concerned, it's a small price to pay.

Julie and Pepper

This is Julie and Pepper. Pepper isn't exactly the lightest on her feet, so Julie makes sure treats are only ever offered as a reward - or at least sparingly! Julie's also picked up a tip from another cat-owning friend. If you split your cat’s daily food up over four or five smaller bowls and dot them around the house, it encourages grazing behaviour. Food little and often is a great way to help pets lose weight.

Carmen and Magic

Cats are natural hunters, but they don't always get the chance to hone their skills, particularly if they spend a lot of time indoors. That's why Carmen uses a dangling ribbon to sharpen Magic's reflexes, and little catnip filled mice to keep her entertained. It stops her from bringing up real mice to the bedroom. Well, most of the time.

Guy and Jed

Jed is a retired (ok, failed) racing greyhound. He's a brilliant runner, but not a great chaser. So Guy adopted him. According to Guy, Jed only has two speeds - 25mph and asleep. But knowing his love of running, Guy makes sure it's a key part of their play routine, taking Jed for a sprint in the park every day.

Samantha and Murray

Meet Samantha and Murray. Murray is a bit of a poser - his long fur has many admirers. So Samantha needs to keep on top of his grooming routine, making sure he gets a brush every day to keep his fur from matting. Not only does he look better, Murray feels better - it is a soothing sensation and helps strengthen the bond between him and Samantha.

Jim and Bertie

Bertie is a rescue dog - Jim thinks he's probably a Labrador and Staffie cross. As you can imagine, he's full of energy. However, Jim claims Bertie is as much a calming influence on him as he is on Bertie. Jim and his wife have adapted their home to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible, and this has rubbed off on his behaviour. He loves people, and when Jim needs to pop out without him, leaves the television news channel on for a little company.

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