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Pet Care Aware

Welcome to Pet Care Aware - a home for all pet lovers, pet friendly businesses and organisations.

Pet Care Aware is a portal for sharing pet information and connecting pet fans through our social media sites,  (cat lovers), (dog lovers) and Together they have an audience of more than 100,000 Pet Care Aware people. 

Pet Care Aware gives pet supporters the chance to connect and showcase their own pet related campaigns, whatever the time of year. A key highlight in our calendar is National Pet Month which runs from the start of April to the start of May each year.

If you are a business and would like to support the educational charity aims of NPM, you can join the Pet Care Aware family for just £250. For this you’ll benefit from a year’s listing on NPM’s website with a live link to your website, as well as an exclusive electronic supporter badge for your online channels and a window sticker for your premises. Proceeds from supporters or from campaigns, of course, go towards supporting and developing the NPM charity’s aims.

Michael Bellingham, National Pet Month Chairman says: “As an educational charity we spend many hours talking to schools, businesses, fellow charities and other organisations about the importance of responsible pet care, using our Top 10 Tips for responsible pet ownership as a great guide to help the country’s pets stay happy and healthy. 

“However, there is still a fair amount of misunderstanding about NPM in that we are an umbrella charity that helps showcase other UK pet charities and our work goes on throughout the year. Pet Care Aware offers us the chance to create a wonderful new family of pet care supporters in the veterinary profession and business community, all with the same key aims – to ensure our country’s pets are receiving the very best care possible.”

Please contact Taz Thornton or Asha Clearwater at Turquoise Tiger on +44 (0)7920 461 044 or email for more information.

Please note, the National Pet Month charity and its year-round partner Pet Care Aware is totally reliant on its sponsors and supporters for funding. To protect our sponsors, to protect the aims of our charity, and to support those who raise money for their favourite charities during National Pet Month, we do not want any promotional campaigns to take place using the National Pet Month or Pet Care Aware name or branding without our knowledge and approval. If you are a company or business planning to celebrate with us, please look at our Terms and Conditions. Thank you!

Please note that 'Pet Care Aware' is not a quality assured mark. It indicates that the organisation is a supporter of Pet Care Aware.

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Pet Care Aware is a home for pet lovers, pet friendly businesses and organisations, which supports pet related campaigns whatever the time of year.