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Wonderful Wilson helps Lauren break through barriers

National Pet Month is all about celebrating the amazing impact pets have on our lives and the joy and positivity they bring to us each day. Here we focus on Essex based writer Lauren John who speaks about life with her sister’s wonderful dog Wilson who has helped her overcome anxiety and mild agoraphobia.

Freelance writer Lauren John has always loved animals but while still living at home with her parents she’s been unable to own a pet.  

Suffering from anxiety and mild agoraphobia, life has certainly been challenging for Lauren at times but when her sister decided to take on a new puppy three years ago she was given an incredible boost.  

“One of the first things my sister did when she moved out was say she wanted a puppy, and a few months later eight-week-old Wilson arrived and very quickly charmed me and my parents as well,” she recalls.

“From the moment my sister placed him on my lap, and he contentedly licked my trousers, he felt like part of the family.”

Lauren adds: “Wilson is full of energy and character. Although not my dog, he is my companion whenever I get a chance, and that's definitely helped a lot.”

Lauren, who works from home as a freelance writer and is pictured here with Wilson, sometimes feels surrounded by work and the challenges that come with it which she says can be tough and quite isolating.

However, her canine companion provides her with so much unconditional love and support that she’s so happy to have him in her life.

She says: “Having Wilson for company helps me relax and switch off and always cheers me up on a bad day.

“Animals are great at helping you switch off as well so being able to dog sit and take him for a proper walk around the park is great for that.

She adds: “I feel the benefits, even though he isn't my dog, and I am not ashamed to say I love him to bits.”

Lauren loves to treat Wilson whenever she can.

“I sometimes get teased for buying him special little treats for Christmas or birthdays, but my Mum is just as bad so he is definitely man’s best friend around here.”  

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