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Tales of the unexpected: celebrities share animal antics

Celebrity pet owners have been telling tales of life with their furry friends for National Pet Month – April 7 to May 7, 2012.

TV presenter Dawn Porter, health and fitness guru Rosemary Conley, Dancing on Ice star Laura Hamilton, actress Lu Corfield (Doctors, Candy Cabs) and TV vet Marc Abraham are among stars joining a national celebration of responsible pet ownership.

With a recent survey commissioned by the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) suggesting 48 per cent of the UK population, or around 13 million households own pets, some of Britain’s best loved famous faces are keen to show their love for their pets too.

National Pet Month’s celebrity supporters have been spilling the beans on life with their pets via National Pet Month’s Facebook page ( – from funny stories about a Siamese cat who has clocked up some serious transatlantic air miles through to the heart warming tale of a dog that’s won a whole village of fans by taking a regular afternoon nap on a villager’s bed.

Actress Lu Corfield, star of daytime drama Doctors and BBC series Candy Cabs, is a huge pet lover and currently has two of her own – Norma, a four-year-old poodle cross, who she describes as “a curly wig with legs” and 10-year-old rescue cat Audrey.

Actress Lu Corfield with her beloved Norma, a four-year-old poodle cross she describes fondly as a "curly wig with legs".   Lu Corfield got 10-year-old cat Audrey from a rescue centre aged three after she was found in a box full of water inside a telephone kiosk. Audrey is known for her vocal prowess, especially at 5am, says Lu.

She was delighted to be able to support National Pet Month and wants to encourage others to do the same.

“I've always loved animals and was brought up around pets from the earliest part of my life. Anything that encourages people to give animals a home where they are properly looked after gets my support.”

Rosemary Conley, who currently owns three dogs and a cat, but has rescued and looked after animals since a young age, was happy to lend her voice to National Pet Month and encourage UK residents to look after their pets.

“I have always loved animals and as a child had guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and all kinds of pets,” she says. “If I hadn’t gone into health and fitness I would have worked with animals as they’ve been such a big part of my life.

She adds: “It’s really important that any child that has a pet remembers it is a massive commitment. They need to think about how they are going to feed it, clean it and look after it.

“If they are going to have a dog, for example, what happens to it when they grow up and go to university, move home, get married – all these things really have to be taken on board and need to be considered if you want to keep your pet happy and healthy.”

National Pet Month, which began as National Pet Week in 1989, encourages people of all ages to come together and celebrate life with their pets – whether they own a cute canine or a loveable lizard.

Growing more popular each year, thousands of animal fans help spread the key messages of responsible pet ownership, the mutual benefits of living with pets, the role of pet care specialists and the value of working and assistance companion animals.

This year’s theme is Your pets and you: a winning team, helping to highlight the many benefits for both pet and owner.

As well as a host of fabulous competitions for schools, pets and owners to enter, there are all kinds of fun events taking place across the country where people can celebrate happy times with their pets.

The National Pet Month website includes an interactive map showing where and when events are happening and animal lovers across the country are being urged to register their own event and raise money for a favourite animal charity.

Become a supporter at, follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @NatPetMonthUK

National Pet Month takes place from April 7 to May 7, 2012.

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