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Press Release: National Pet Month calls on pet lovers to get online and raise much needed funds

Our nation's pets need us - find out how to help

Pet welfare rescues and charities have lost up to half their income during the Coronavirus pandemic and National Pet Month calls on pet lovers to get online and raise much-needed funds.

NPM is joining with The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) to put out a sobering message calling for help.

David Bowles, ADCH head of public affairs and trustee has advised: “Although most of the country is on lockdown, animals still need rescuing, feeding, walking, taking care of – and all of that is extremely expensive.”

Whilst much of the fundraising activities have been postponed, this work continues. Small charities are particularly at risk and need our help now more than ever.  

As a result, Michael Bellingham, National Pet Month Chairman, put out a special request: “In any other year, right now we’d be asking UK pet lovers to stage or attend events celebrating our life with our pets, spreading the word on their care and raising funds for National Pet Month, or a favourite local pet charity or rescue. Supporting UK pet carers and rescuers is at the heart of what we do, and 2020 is no different in that regard. 

He continued: “We’re asking you to take to social media and use these online platforms to set up mini fundraisers for NPM and other UK pet charities and rescues between April 1 and May 10 – our campaign month.”

To encourage pet lovers to join the #NPMonline challenge, we have developed lots of creative ways to raise funds such as hosting a virtual pet party on Zoom or running a pet-themed film marathon.

Please remember that National Pet Month is also a charity, dedicated to supporting UK pet charities AND educating our nation on the importance of responsible pet care. So, we would welcome anyone raising much needed funds for us too.


These are unprecedented times, which call for unprecedented action. So, please help us help others this #NationalPetMonth #NPMOnline.


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