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PetPawsitivity: Asha and Bailey's Story

"Yesterday I took a walk on the wild side with my dogs," says Asha, one of the National Pet Month team.

"Yesterday I took a walk on the wild side with my dogs," says Asha, one of the National Pet Month team.


"The sun was shining, birds were singing and we went ‘adventuring’ in the woods. It’s a phrase my canine companions recognise now. I know this as their tail wags go from 0 to warp speed as soon as the word is mentioned.


"During lockdown, all five of my dogs and cats have kept me smiling and laughing for different reasons and in different ways. Whether it’s their clownish antics, a paw on my knee or my heart or the pure joy I feel when they come running towards me, they fill me with happiness and hope.


"This is Bailey, one of my rescue dogs, and the latest addition to our pack.


"He loves company and I love his company so it’s a winning combination.


"Bailey does everything at 100 miles an hour and with so much conviction – whether he’s playing fetch, chasing leaves, digging holes or laying down on my lap for cuddles.


"Like his canine and feline brothers and sisters, he has helped me get up in the morning and seize the day, even on the days when world headlines have tempted me into pulling the duvet over my head and staying in bed.


"Pets give us purpose, perspective and fill our homes and our lives with unconditional love. If that’s not a pawsitive reason to share your life with one, I don’t know what is."


National Pet Month: April 1-May 3


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