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Pet Pawsitivity: Beth and Chester's Story

Welcome to the first in a series of Pet Pawsitivity blogs to celebrate the positive impact pets have been having on our lives during lockdown.

“I very much struggled with my mental health during lockdown and stand by the fact that it would have been 100% harder without Chester,” says Beth Waters about her dog.

“He is never far away for cuddles and always comforts me on the harder days.”

“The pandemic has taught me just how much Chester can cheer me up when I don’t even realise I need it, just by being company and my lovely little furry friend every day.”

Being on furlough has also highlighted to Beth just how much she has benefited from spending more time with Chester.

“Not only is he the only company for me throughout the day, he also gets me up and going each morning, and is the reason and motivation I very much need to get out of the house for walks and exercise each day.

“I always benefit so much from the fresh air and it makes me happy seeing him enjoy himself running after his tennis ball, although he does also love a nap, no matter what time of the day.”


Chester’s ‘quirky, naughty ways’ never fail to raise a smile or a laugh, says Beth.

“He follows me everyway like my little shadow and always greets me with one of his soft toys and his ridiculously waggy tail!

She adds: “Before the pandemic he was very much a Daddy’s boy, however after almost a year of lockdown with me at home, he is, without doubt, a Mummy’s boy.”

We love Chester and Beth’s pawsitivity tale, what about you?

Does your pet make you smile? How have they helped you through lockdown?

Share your story and pics with us.

#NationalPetMonth: April 1- May 3

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