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Pet Pawsitivity: Ben and Ginger’s Story

The positive impact of having Ginger in their lives during the pandemic, has been clear.

“For my wife and I, and our two young boys, having a dog has got us outside walking, even when the weather has not been great, and we’ve found the most wonderful places near where we live,” says Ben Duncan, MDO Director for Purina.

“It’s really made us appreciate the countryside on our doorstep and we’ve been places we’d never have otherwise been. Both physically and mentally this has been amazing. And, of course, when you’re cooped up at home, having hours of Zoom calls or home schooling, just a few minutes cuddling Ginger or even chatting with her, makes it feel that little bit easier.”

Ben adds: “When I wrote this, it actually made me realise how much tougher lockdown would have been without her.”

The positive impact of having Ginger in their lives during the pandemic, has been clear, he explains.

“She’s been a great stress relief for all the family. Especially during home schooling, taking a break to play or cuddle with Ginger was a great way to neutralise any tension. Equally, at weekends our mornings are now spent going on long dog walks with all the family.

He adds: “We started with one to two miles and now the boys are happy to walk as far as five to six miles. There’s no way we would have done this without Ginger. It’s been fantastic in helping us come together as a family and spend some real quality time together.”

Ginger has made everyone laugh and smile most days during the lockdowns.

Ben says: “Pre-lockdown she’d happily sleep upstairs in the spare room in the evenings. Now she’ll stick to my wife like glue and push me out of the way on the sofa so she can lodge herself between us.

He adds: “Only last night she followed me upstairs, jumped on the bed and looked at me as if to say ‘Oh come on, I was here first... now find somewhere else to sleep!”

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