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National Pet Month (April 1- May 4) urges TV and radio presenters to share their pet stories with #pettalk on air

UK TV and radio presenters are being issued with the ultimate challenge during National Pet Month (April 1 – May 4, 2015) – talk about your pets on air!

National Pet Month has thrown down the gauntlet to media outlets, challenging them to a day of #pettalk with their viewers and listeners between now and the end of National Pet Month on May 4, giving pet fans across the country the chance to talk about the animals who are part of their day-to-day lives.

 “There are so many wonderful benefits to pet ownership, both for animal and owner and we’re calling on radio and TV presenters to acknowledge this by devoting some time to #pettalk – a great way to relive fun moments with their pet and talk about how their pets brighten their day,” said Michael Bellingham, Chairman of National Pet Month and Chief Executive of PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association).

Now in its 26th year, National Pet Month has been working tirelessly to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage pet fans to raise money for UK pet charities, but believes there’s still room for more airtime to be given over to acknowledging the positive impact pets have on their owners.

The call comes after PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) research figures revealed a 16 per cent fall in the UK pet population over the past three years.

2014-15 figures confirm there are around 58.4 million pets in the UK compared to 64.9 million in 2013-14 and 69.2 million in 2012-13. Households with pets have fallen to 12 million (46%) from 13 million (48%) in the same period.

Michael added: “There are many possible reasons why we are seeing a decline in pet ownership and we are really keen to remind people what they are missing out on by not having a pet in their life. Pets can enrich our lives in so many ways and by engaging in some #pettalk, TV and radio presenters who may be sharing their lives with a pet can remind us of the many fantastic benefits pet ownership brings.”

This year’s theme - Pets and the elderly: enjoying later years together – aims to shine a light on the positive impact pets have on the elderly and highlight the need for forever homes for older pets.

Agria Pet Insurance and the Medivet Veterinary Partnership are primary sponsors for National Pet Month’s 2015 campaign and are also urging TV and radio stations to devote some airtime to #pettalk

Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria, understands the essential bond between pets and their owners and comments, “National Pet Month is great at reminding us of the huge part pets play in our lives, something we can take for granted when they’re fit, healthy and fulfilling their everyday role in the family. As pet health insurers helping sick and injured pets – and their worried owners – we see the extent of that commitment, love and devotion reinforced every day.

"We’re so pleased that National Pet Month highlights the happiness and companionship that an older pet can bring, and urge people ready and able to take on the responsibility of a new pet to make their local rescue centre their first port of call.”

Adi Neil, Senior Partner for Medivet says: “Working with pets every day means that we know just how much joy they bring us. The bond between an owner and their pets grow with time. For many of our older clients, their pets are their most constant, beloved companions.

He adds: “Ensuring our pets reach a happy and healthy old age is at the forefront of what we do. We’re delighted to be joining National Pet Month to highlight the strong bond our older clients have with their furry friends and to keep elderly pet care right at the top of the agenda.”

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Agria Pet Insurance and Medivet will work closely with National Pet Month in the next year, helping to encourage the nation to look after their pets responsibly and by providing plenty of pet news, views and expert tips.

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National Pet Month takes place from April 1 – May 4 2015

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