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Help your pet make the most of their retirement

Just like people, as our pets age they become increasingly likely to suffer from ill health and develop veterinary conditions. The good news is that advancements in veterinary care provide real opportunities to treat, manage and even cure many of the problems our pets suffer with, giving them their good health back and us precious extra years with them. In fact, our older pets’ twilight years can be the most special of all, because by this stage, we know our pets and they know us so very well, making our bond with them stronger than ever, writes our sponsor Agria Pet Insurance.

Elderly chocolate labradorHowever, specialist and advanced veterinary care to keep them healthy and happy often comes at a price. This is why one of National Pet Month’s top ten tips is to insure your pet. You might think that as an insurer we would agree with that – but we agree with very good reason! Every year we see hundreds of cases of older pets incurring really big vets bills, often for illnesses, but also for accidents too.

Take Bumble, the 11-year-old Golden Retriever. She developed a lump on her side which turned out to be a splenic tumour. The costs involved with investigating, treating and providing specialist aftercare for Bumble have been high. But as a much-loved pet who was otherwise healthy, her owners wanted to use the veterinary treatment available to them. So far, their Agria policy has settled almost £7,000 towards the cost.

Nermal is a very typical older cat. She has been suffering with hyperthyroidism since 2012, and now, at the age of 15, is still requiring ongoing treatment to manage her symptoms. This is the most common illness seen in cats, so it’s fantastic that the right treatment will control the condition enabling Nermal to continue to lead a relatively normal life. Long-term medication isn’t cheap though, and so far, we have settled £1,547 towards her veterinary bills.

Rory is a mature seven-year-old Boxer. His owner found a lump on his ear which his vet diagnosed as a mast cell tumour. He was referred to a specialist who treated the tumour with a course of chemotherapy, and then went home for aftercare from his usual practice. In just five months, Agria settled over £3,000 for his treatment.

Normally seen pottering around the garden, 12-year-old moggy, Honey, was spotted to have a wound on her neck.  Her owner took her straight to the vet, who had to operate. Honey was admitted and discharged the same day, only to be referred to an out-of-hours vet a few evenings later for help to relieve the considerable pain that she appeared to be in. Before long, Honey was back to her usual relaxed self, and her owners received a settlement of just under £400 towards her veterinary treatment.

Having insurance in place means that when your pet’s ill, you know you can give them the treatment that’s best for them without being in the horrible position of having to weigh-up costs. We always advise insuring your pet while it’s young as it is impossible to predict when a pet emergency might be just around the corner.

To support National Pet Month’s theme of “Pets and the Elderly: Enjoying later years together” up until 31st May 2015, we’ve waived the usual age limits so even the oldest pet can start a policy with Agria!

Find out more at, but be quick before the Agria Age Amnesty ends on 31st May!

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