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Help us celebrate our silver anniversary in style

National Pet Month - April 1-May 5 - is just a few weeks away and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

So, please come and join us. We would love YOU to be part of this national celebration of responsible pet ownership which aims to help raise much needed cash for hundreds of pet charities across the country.

In the current economic climate many pet charities are finding life very tough as they battle to continue their important work with limited resources.

National Pet Month and YOU, our wonderful supporters, offer these charities a lifeline. By attending or staging fundraising events for these organisations during National Pet Month we really can and do make a difference. 

Thanks to your support thousands of pets can receive the love and care they need with help from our amazing charities.

For many years we've been known as a nation of animal lovers and that's certainly backed up by a 2013 pet survey commissioned by the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers' Association).

This estimates that 13 million of us or 45 per cent of UK households have pets, demonstrating just how many of us choose to share our homes and our lives with animals.

National Pet Month - April 1-May 5 - is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the unique place pets have in our hearts and to encourage us all to look after our pets responsibly. 

Please help us by signing up as a National Pet Month supporter here today. It's free and it only takes a minute. 

Take a look at our Top 10 Tips for responsible pet ownership and share them with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Speak to your local veterinary surgery or pet store about National Pet Month and see if they are planning any fundraising events during the campaign. If not, perhaps you could organise something with them or even put on your own event. 

Check out for event ideas and contact us for an events pack which will provide you with loads of tips to help you put on a great fundraiser. 

If you don't want to organise an event of your own, you can still help us. Take a look at our events map and find an event taking place near you that you can attend.

With your help we can provide love and support for thousands of pets around the UK so please join us and help us celebrate our silver anniversary in style. 

National Pet Month needs YOU! April 1-May 5. Please join us and let's make a difference.

Press Office

For media information, images or to speak to a spokesperson about National Pet Month please contact Taz Thornton or Asha Clearwater at Turquoise Tiger on +44 (0)7920 461 044 or email

Please note we have access to a range of spokespeople via our coordinators, sponsors and most animal welfare organisations and charities who get involved with NPM.

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