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Happy 30th Birthday National Pet Month

Memories of National Pet Month past, and a glimpse of the future from Harvey the Lifestyle Dog

Celebrating National Pet Month's 30th Anniversary reminds me that I've been leaving my mark at their door for a good twenty-five years!

I speak as Harvey because I'm still active in my support for the charity and I can't let this special occasion pass by without bringing back some memories of how I was able to be part of the team through the media while encouraging local campaigns to support responsible pet ownership!

From going to church to following up at a care home, visiting schools and gaining entry to places where dogs were allowed, my National Pet Month badge got me in! Woofing and tweeting at various radio stations and following up invites to events, I managed to pull a pint at the local pub!

Those were very happy days, and I'm still around through my trademark - Harvey the Lifestyle dog I’ve written the story of what happens behind the scenes of my vet's practice on a busy day and, combined with pages of activity, my book highlights just how important it is for every pet to know its vet.

I am making a donation from the sale of each book to raise funds for National Pet Month's education. It helps keep my paws under the table, so please help me to make it all worthwhile.

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For media information, images or to speak to a spokesperson about National Pet Month please contact Taz Thornton or Asha Clearwater at Turquoise Tiger on +44 (0)7920 461 044 or email

Please note we have access to a range of spokespeople via our coordinators, sponsors and most animal welfare organisations and charities who get involved with NPM.

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