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From street life to a loving forever home: Pete packs a powerful punch with new owner Kirsten

When Pete was found wandering the streets he was covered in wounds, full of worms and ready to fight as he battled to find food from day to day. Then one day Kirsten Hey was surfing the internet and a new, very wonderful bond was formed. Here’s Pete and Kirsten’s story.

“Sometimes in my line of work we have to remove animals to protect them from an abuser or from people who can’t look after them. We like to find out what happens to them so sometimes we keep an eye on the shelter pages to see if they’ve been rehomed,” explains Kirsten.

“One day in 2014 I was looking at Lothian Cat Rescue's page and I saw Pete. I wasn't looking for a cat for me, but something kept drawing me back to look at him again and again. So, I went out to meet him, and it was like he was waiting for me. Within two minutes of going into his pen he let me pick him up for a cuddle, much to the surprise of one of the shelter volunteers who said she had scars on her backside from him. Two days later I brought him home, and it took him about ten seconds to feel completely relaxed. 

“Lothian Cat Rescue said he'd been straying in Dunbar for several months before they found him. He was an unneutered male, wandering and looking for food, fighting other cats and stealing their food. He was covered in wounds, full of worms, and ready to fight any other animal - he even tried to fight the other cats through the dividing walls of the pens!”

Despite all of Pete’s issues and his back story Kirsten knew that this bruiser of a black and white cat somehow was for her and that she needed to offer him a forever home.

Nearly two years later and Kirsten has managed to strike up a close bond with Pete, who is thought to be aged between five and six.

She explains: “He still doesn't like other animals particularly, and he's still obsessed with food, but he's a lovely, friendly, purry boy who loves to sleep, loves to roll in the sun enticing passers-by to tickle his belly and every now and then, loves to go out and explore.”

Kirsten is full of praise for Lothian Cat Rescue who she describes as “a brilliant organisation who do so much good work for cats”.

Her new feline friend has become such an integral part of her life that Kirsten has even set up a Facebook page and a blog for Pete to record his exploits.

Since being rescued, Kirsten is quick to point out that Pete has now been neutered, microchipped and is up to date with vaccinations and worming treatments – a great example of responsible pet ownership which is at the heart of National Pet Month’s work.

Kirsten adds: “Pete is a great mouser and he really makes me laugh when he plays with his toys because he likes to open doors to hide behind so he can pounce on his toys from a position of stealth.

“He's the best, most handsome cat in Scotland. He makes me laugh every day, and I'm so glad he picked me.”

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