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Five Clever, Comical, Loving Companions For Life

The joy and companionship Jayne Govier and her family experience from her two dogs and three rabbits does wonders for her physical and mental health. Yet another fine example of #PetPawsitivity


“The lives of my daughter and I are blessed with two dogs and three rabbits,” says Jayne Govier.


“Muffin (Shih Tzu) and Sooty (Shihpoo) are my amazing and constant companions, and so very sensitive to my needs as someone who suffers from illness and disability.


“They are never far from my side and are so in tune with how I am feeling, sensing when I am unwell, in which case they offer comfort and cuddles. Whey they’re entertaining me with their clever and comical antics it’s just what the doctor ordered.








She adds: “My two Dutch rabbits, Tilly and Timmy, and Dwarf Lop, Mr Fudgepickle (aka Fudgee) are also wonderful companions, loving being stroked and fussed during my rest times, and providing entertainment in my more active times. They too, seem to have an inner sense of how I am feeling.”


Timmy has a rare eye condition and has progressively gone blind, but Jayne says this has never stopped him from being happy and active.


“His sibling Tilly is always there as his guide and he has adjusted to being blind with very few difficulties, and remains his adorable and comical little self,” she says.



“My pets are often my motivation to go out for a walk or into the garden on an otherwise difficult day. In addition, my daughter, who is autistic, benefits so much from the therapeutic and companionship aspects, and she and all our pets really are the best of friends.


She adds: “All five bring so much love, joy, comfort, and therapeutic qualities to my family and I, as invaluable companions and beloved family members. They are such a blessing and truly do impact, in a pet pawsitivity way, our lives and circumstances.”


Jayne has this lovely message for National Pet Month too: “Thank you for all the work you do in promoting the health and welfare needs of pets and highlighting how they enrich our lives in so many wonderful and amazing ways.”


Thanks so much, Jayne. Got a #PetPawsitivity story you’d like to share with us? Email or tag us on social. 

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