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Celebrities and their pets: TV presenter Laura Hamilton

Another celebrity who supports National Pet Month and is a great pet fan is TV presenter and Dancing On Ice finalist Laura Hamilton. Despite her hectic schedule she very kindly answered our questions as she was waiting to fly to Spain. Thanks Laura!

Please tell us about your pets. Who are they, what are they and how old are they? Laura Hamilton

Alfie is my long haired chihuahua who is now two.  My mum and dad own his brother Archie. 

What’s so great about sharing your life with pets?

He is loving, cuddly, always happy to see me and doesn't answer back!

Any funny stories or anecdotes to share about Alfie?

He does this cute little thing of tapping you with his paw when he wants you to tickle his belly. He also scratches his food bowl when he wants more or taps the treats cupboard.

Have you ever holidayed with your pet?

I haven't but he has been to a hotel in the New Forest with my parents and he loved it!

Have you ever taken your pet to work with you? What was that experience like?

Yes, he has been to photoshoots, filming days and to awards ceremonies. He is very cute so attracts a fair bit of attention.

National Pet Month is being run on the theme of Your Pets and You: companions for life. What is it that makes a pet such a great companion?  

You become so attached to them he is like my little baby.

Why are you supporting National Pet Month?  

Pets can enhance your life so much and are also a great way of giving you a real sense of responsibility.  It’s a great cause.

As part of National Pet Month we like to work with schools to teach the importance of responsible pet ownership. Do you have any advice for youngsters with pets or who are thinking of owning a pet?

It really is cliche but pets are for life and they need to be looked after and cared for.  Don't buy a pet if you can't afford them or have time to look after them. Don't forget to buy pet insurance!

What would you say to encourage people to get involved in National Pet Month and do you have any suggestions for fun events that could be held?        Alex, Alfie and Archie

A fun crufts style show maybe?

When have you been most proud of your pet and why?  

Alfie is really well behaved. I'm really proud of him when I take him to work and he doesn't misbehave.

Alfie and Archie are pictured right with Laura's husband Alex.

National Pet Month takes place from now until May 6.

Our main aims are to promote responsible pet ownership across the UK and encourage pet owners around the country to either organise or visit an event to raise money for a favourite UK pet charity.

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