National Pet Month

Welcome to National Pet Month!

Hello and welcome to National Pet Month - a haven for pet fans across the UK!

National Pet Month 2016 will run from 1 April - 2 May and this year is going to be a big one! The excitement is building in our online communities so join the conversation at National Pet Month, Scratching Post and Park Bench

Now in its 27th year, National Pet Month offers the nation a chance to celebrate the wonderful impact pets have on our lives and this year will focus on the Top 10 Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership, reminding us of how important it is for us to provide the very best levels of care for our pets.

Not only does National Pet Month promote responsible pet ownership, but it encourages pet friendly businesses, groups and individuals to stage and attend pet themed events to raise money for UK pet charities.

If you are interested in getting involved in 2016, please read our ‘Get Fundraising’ section.  We have lots of tips on running an event or you can follow all the latest news on Facebook.

Register here as an NPM supporter (it’s free and only takes a minute).

Then join us by either staging an event or attending one. Simply check out our interactive map for details and join in the fun!

Pets provide us with so much love and companionship so we think it’s time to repay that kindness. Please join us and let’s celebrate life with our pets! Our nation’s beloved pets are counting on you!

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