National Pet Month

Run an Event

Put on an event for National Pet Month!
National Pet Month gets bigger and bigger every year because thousands of dedicated individuals give up their time freely to organise fun events for families and pet lovers to enjoy. Why not join this band of pet lovers - and you can even raise some money for your favourite animal charity too!

Each event should have a clearly defined objective, in line with the objectives of National Pet Month, which are:

  1. To promote responsible pet ownership
  2. To communicate the value of pets for people and people for pets
  3. To raise awareness of the importance of animals health professionals and related services
  4. To increase public awareness of the role, value and contribution to society of working companion animals

Become a supporter and claim an Events Pack

To claim your FREE events pack become a Supporter of National Pet Month. Activate your account through the automatic email you will receive and we will send you a free poster. Once you are fully registered as a supporter then the world is your oyster! Download free material - request a free full events pack – we are here to help!


Already a supporter? Don’t forget to check back in to your account, claim this year’s pack and see what new material we have for you to download.


STEP 2 - Register Your Event

Once you're signed up as a supporter put your event(s) on our website to give it some publicity, by registering it through your supporter account. This gets it firmly on our interactive map of ‘What’s on’.

This is where people looking for something happening in their local area go – so will help attract people to your event. It’s also the first port of call for the local press, so even if your event is not open to the public (for example, it takes place in a school), it will help get you, and your good cause, some publicity – while helping to promote the impact of National Pet Month.

STEP 3 - Tell Us How It Went

Enter our post-event competition for the chance to win a great prize! If you were raising funds, tell us how much you raised, and for which charity.